Barbara joined ATRC in September 1993. As Executive Director, she oversees and ensures the evaluation and effectiveness of all programs, services, and activities of the agency and works with the Board of Directors to develop and implement short and long range goals, policies, and programs. She is an internationally and nationally recognised advocate for persons with disabilities and employs a knowledgeable and assertive leadership style to accomplish the goals and objectives of numerous projects. She is responsible for drafting Hawaii’s Warranty Act, which protects purchases of assistive technology in the State, the implementation of administration policy through the legislature that establishes that all state departments must include assistive technology language in all appropriate policies. She is also a consultant to various state departments and legislators on disability and assistive technology issues.

Executive Director / CEO


To contact Barbara,

you can reach her at (808) 532-7112 or


To contact Monty,

you can reach him at (808) 532-7111 or

M.A. & J.D.

Deputy Director / Program Manager

Monty Anderson-Nitahara has been a resident of Hawaii for nearly thirty years, and he has a MA in Clinical Psychology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a law degree from the William S. Richardson School of Law. He is currently on the Governor’s Disability Communication Access Board. He is an advocate for civil rights, disability rights, and animal welfare.

B.A., (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Office Manager

Ken joined ATRC in 2021. As Office Manager, he works with the Executive Director, Barbara Fischlowitz-Leong to assist her in her oversight of ATRC’s programs and internal office functions. His focus for his undergraduate degree was the connection between laws, education and advocacy as it applies to disabilities issues. Ken Peck has been involved in the legal and practical struggles of people with disabilities working as an advocate, Registered Behavior Technician, paralegal and elected Vice Chair of the Mccully/Moiliili Neighborhood Board. Mr. Peck is focused on using assistive technology to broaden access to social and community opportunities for people with disabilities in Hawaii.

To contact Ken,

you can reach him at (808) 532-7117 or


Social and Community Service Manager

Lanh Nguyen has extensive training and experience in community planning and social services. She received her doctorate from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, focusing on community planning and development. She is passionate about empowering individuals with disabilities to build healthy, productive, and resilient lives. She has over 20 years working for international agencies, the non-profit sector, the public sector, and communities on an array of social and community planning issues and service matters.

To contact Lanh,

you can reach her at (808) 532-7113 or

IT Specialist


Lam Tran is a designer and computing, security, and networking specialist at ATRC.  His work is focused on network system security, computer Hardware and software, acessible e-magazine and webpage interface. He’s doing research, giving advice, and purchasing electronic equipment - Windows and Macintosh computers, printers, network devices and Assistive Technology devices and software for our clients. Assisting clients to install equipment, setting up new computer software, updating computer systems, backing up and securing data on-site and off-site storage drives are Lam’s responsibilities. Also, he is designing the organization's interface for people with disabilities to access and reach the updated information from ATRC’s Website
and e-Reacher.

To contact Lam,

you can reach him at (808) 532-7116 or

AT Assistant / Game Master



AT Assistant / Video Editor