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ATRC operates a Computer Redistribution Program to assist persons with disabilities who do not have access to a computer.

We know that the computer is a necessary tool today for education and employment opportunities, information, such as banking, and shopping, and that the computer and other technology make the community and world more accessible for all regardless of your ability. We Currently have some great refurbished computers waiting for re-distribution. They are ready to use, fully licensed with Microsoft Windows. Get one and advance your education, apply for jobs, learn about and use social media. ATRC follows NIST SP 800-88 (PDF Doc) guidelines to sanitize hard drives as part of our refurbishing process, upgrade computers, and add Assistive Technology Software as needed.


To request a Computer or Donate a Computer (must be running at least Windows 7), Monitor, Printer, Keyboard, or Other Equipment (Tablets & Smartphones)

Please Contact Hannah Diaz at (808) 532-7114 or via Email for detailed information.


Download a printable Technology Redistribution Program Application Form

Device Demonstration copy: Services
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