Photo of person receiving training on the use of a desktop magnifier.

This is a list of training classes offered at ATRC. For cost and availability contact Monty Anderson-Nitahara at 808.532.7111 or

  • Basic Computer Literacy: Basic introduction to computer terminology and applications; email and internet usage; system security explained (antivirus, spam, spyware, etc).
  • Basic Keyboarding: Basic typing skills; ongoing practice at the AT Zone during lab times.
  • Introduction to Microsoft Office Applications: Basic introduction to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Introduction to Email: Introduction to email technology, terminology and practice; new account creation; understanding different interfaces such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo.
  • Introduction to Assistive Technology: As required by individual clients; an introduction to Assistive Technology that can assist the individual in meeting their goals of education, employment, and training.
  • Introduction to Social Networking Tools: A basic introduction to commonly used social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter; sessions are limited to setup and understanding of tools as well as security and safe online practices.
  • Resume Building Skills: Develop a resume and understand how it can be changed depending on the job application; developing a standout cover letter.