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Be My Eyes 

Bringing Sight to the Blind and Visually Impaired

We get a lot of really great questions about Be My Eyes, how it works and how it can be used. In the below, you can read the answers to some of the questions that we get most frequently.

How long does it take to get help?

Due to our huge network of volunteers and our unique matching technology, we are now able to match over 90% of calls within 60 seconds. If your request is not answered within 2 minutes, then we recommend hanging up and trying to call again.

Are there limits to the length of my calls?

There is no limit to how long a call can be, but it would be a nice gesture to let the volunteer know if you have a task that you think may take a long time. Most volunteers are willing to accommodate any request, but seeing as they are going about their daily lives, it never hurts to ask. Remember that you can always call another volunteer to help you solve the issue in case your first match has to go.

Can I ask for help in the middle of the night?

You may request help 24/7. We match based on language and time zone – meaning we only contact volunteers during their daytime hours. For example, if you speak English, are based in the US and need assistance in the middle of the night, then we will connect you to an English-speaking volunteer in England or Australia for example, where it is daytime. Our volunteer network is so large that no matter when you call, it is almost certain that there is a volunteer who speaks your language for whom it is daytime.

Is there a limit to how many calls I can make daily?

No. You can, and should, feel free to make calls as frequently as you wish. There is absolutely no limit to how many calls you can make – we will connect you to different volunteers, so you will never bother anyone.
Remember that Be My Eyes is FREE no matter how much you use it.