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Photo of Barbara Fischlowitz-Leong.

Barbara Fischlowitz-Leong, M.Ed., Executive Director / CEO

Barbara joined ATRC in September 1993. As Executive Director, she oversees and ensures the evaluation and effectiveness of all programs, services, and activities of the agency and works with the Board of Directors to develop and implement short and long range goals, policies, and programs. She is an internationally and nationally recognised advocate for persons with disabilities and employs a knowledgeable and assertive leadership style to accomplish the goals and objectives of numerous projects. She is responsible for drafting Hawaii’s Warranty Act, which protects purchases of assistive technology in the State, the implementation of administration policy through the legislature that establishes that all state departments must include assistive technology language in all appropriate policies. She is also a consultant to various state departments and legislators on disability and assistive technology issues. She is the elected Chair of the Disabilities and Communication Access Board (DCAB), an Office of the Governor.

To contact Barbara, you can reach her at 808.532.7112 or barbara@atrc.org

Photo of Jodi Asato.

Jodi Asato, M.Ed., Deputy Director / Program Manager

In the capacity of Program Manager, Jodi assists in overseeing the overall daily operations of the organization, carries out activities under the Hawaii State Assistive Technology (AT) Plan, and provides technical assistance to the President. She oversees the technology training components of ATRC programs such as iCLAP and Camp Cool.  She also provides collaborative support with subcontractors and other agencies to design and develop training opportunities for people with disabilities.  Experienced as a special education teacher, she continues her passion to educate and promote the importance of assistive technology to Hawaii’s children, parents, teachers, professionals, and service providers.

To contact Jodi, you can reach her at 808.532.7111 or jodi@atrc.org

Photo of Edna Kaahaaina.

Edna Kaahaaina, Office Manager

As the office manager, Edna provides support to the organization and to the staff.  Oversees the daily office operation and maintains office inventory, oversees human resource functions, handles correspondence and participates in community outreach.  Edna is the parent of a child with learning and physical challenges and understands the importance of using assistive technology as a bridge for opening the doors of opportunities for persons of all ages with a wide range of disabilities.  Edna has over 20 years of experience in human resources management and customer service in the hospitality industry.

To contact Edna, you can reach her at 808-532-7117 or edna@atrc.org

Photo of Jason Julian.

Jason Julian, Outreach Specialist/Assistive Technology Trainer

Jason’s younger brother, having been diagnosed with High functioning Autism, inspired him to seek out services that were available on his behalf.  After being introduced to ATRC, Jason joined ATRC’s mission to “Link individuals with technology” to lead an independent life; Jason has been reaching out to people living with and without a disability who are unaware of just what assistive technology is and demonstrating these devices statewide throughout Hawaii ever since.  Proving to people of all ages that there are assistive devices that can benefit their daily life whether at home, at school, or at work.

To contact Jason, you can reach him at 808-532-7113 or jason@atrc.org

Photo of Krisette Ayson.

Krisette Ayson, Assistive Technology Specialist

As an Assistive Technology Specialist, Krisette Educates and helps individuals with disabilities to access and take advantage of the available technology to promote individual well-being and independence. At the age of 17, Krisette had the experience working with people of all ages and various walks of life as an assistant instructor at a local martial arts dojo. She also led activities at the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Transdisciplinary Motor Clinic, worked as an intern at Hawaii Optimum Performance, and acquired a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology from University of Hawaii.

To contact Krisette, you can reach her at 808.532.7114 or krisettA@atrc.org

Photo of Harvey Gordon.

Harvey Gordon, I.T. Manager

As the support specialist for ATRC’s Information Technology Services Department, Harvey researches and advises on the selection and purchases of computer equipment for computers, Windows computers, printers and network equipment.  He installs new software and updates on all computers, and secures the backups to both on-site and cloud off-site storage devices.  Harvey assists with client’s equipment procurement by purchasing software and ancillary devices as authorized in the service plan along with the installation and equipment for clients and in addition to cleaning and refurbishing donated computers that are used in the ATRC Computer Redistribution Program.

To contact Harvey, you can reach him at 808.532.7115 or harvey@atrc.org

Photo of Karl Pangilnian.

Karl Pangilinan – JAWS Trainer

Karl Pangilinan has 4 years of experience in training blind individuals with programs such as JAWS, Microsoft Office, and various braille note takers. Blind from birth, Karl had limited exposure to Assistive Technology growing up in Guam. During his senior year, he was given a computer that opened many doors of opportunities for him. As a self-learner, Karl had no formal training in JAWS and the use of braille. In 2015, Karl became the 1st JAWS certified trainer in Hawaii. As of today, Karl is still the only JAWS certified trainer in the state of Hawaii.

Photo of Mayson Cabo.

Mayson Cabo – Technology Assistant

Mayson has been using assistive technology since he was in 6th grade. The first assistive technology device he used was the Braillenote M-power. The M-power was a good note taker at the time. He started using a computer during his senior year in high school. That is when he started frequently using assistive technology to its full potential. Mayson is an accomplished Android system user and is able to demonstrate the many AT benefits for Android phone and Tablet users.